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The EVCO Center, on Sardis Road North in Charlotte, NC is home to EVCO Construction.

Design/Build with EVCO Construction Company, Inc. Design/Build provides concept to focus on the clients needs and program requirements based on the general contractor’s industry experience. EVCO Construction Company, Inc., will strive to meet the client’s goals, budget and time schedule. The general contractor will employ independent services of architects and engineers to provide constuction documents for building permitting.


Advantages of Design/Build Construction are:


• Design/Build provides the client a fixed budget up front, thus eliminating the bidding process with multiple contractors.


• Design/Build minimizes the risk of disputes because the general contractor is more knowledgeable of the owner’s needs and program requirements. The owner is familiar with the general contractors procedures and time schedule.


• Design/Build provides savings in construction costs and minimizes time delays. This is based on early discussions between both parties to determine better planning, cost savings and a common goal to provide what the owner wants.


EVCO Construction Company, Inc., has maintained long-lasting client relationships for over 40 years by providing professional services and paying attention to our client’s needs and objectives.


2520 Sardis Road North, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28227

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